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What is the Place of Digital Media in our Lives? – Years 5/6/7 English

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Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT – Level 4 Identify the impacts of ICT in society Explain the main uses of ICT at school, home and in the local community, and recognise its potential positive and negative impacts on their lives. Recognise intellectual property Identify the legal obligations regarding the ownership… Continue reading

Report on a Natural Disaster – Year 6 Science

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Investigating with ICT: Level 4 Define and plan information searches Use a range of ICTs to identify and represent patterns in sets of information and to pose questions to guide searching for, or generating, further information. Locate, generate and access data and information Locate, retrieve or generate information using search engines and simple search functions… Continue reading

Using the Overdrive Library

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Setting up Overdrive on your iPad Students at OLD are able to borrow eBooks, audio books, music and videos from the Brisbane Catholic Education [BCE] Overdrive Library. Students who are members of the Brisbane City Council Library are also able to borrow similar online resources from the Brisbane/Yarra Plenty Download Collection using Overdrive.