Toys from the Past and the Present – Year 2 History

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Communicating with ICT: Level 2

Collaborate, share and exchange
Use purposefully selected ICT tools safely to share and exchange information with appropriate local audiences.

Year 2 History – The Past and the Present

Historical Knowledge and Understanding
The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated, and played in the past)

Example Task

As part of exploring the inquiry question: How have changes in technology shaped our daily life? each child borrowed a toy from a family member from an older generation and compared this with a toy of their own from the present.

They investigated a variety of aspects about the toy and recorded their findings in a range of different ways including illustration, labelling and reporting. They reported on the materials from which the toys were made using the iPad App YAKIT Kids. This allows a moving mouth to be added to an image to move as voice is recorded.

A Toy from the Past

A Toy from the Present

More Examples
 (internal school link only)

Managing and operating ICT

Select and use hardware and software

  • Mastery of the skills required to use YAKIT Kids
    • Import the photo of the toy
    • Add a mouth and size to fit. Redo if proven to be unsuitable.
    • Use recording facility.
    • Save file.
    • Teacher loads files to YouTube.