Writing a Novel – Year 5 English

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Creating with ICT: Level 4

Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks

Independently or collaboratively create and modify digital solutions, creative outputs or data representation/transformation for particular audiences and purposes.

Year 5 English: Literacy: Creating Texts

Plan, draft and publish imaginative,  print and multimodal texts, choosing text structures, language features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and audience

Example Task

Part A: Write an Extreme Adventure narrative with the features listed below and present it in Pages. It will later be converted to an ePub file to function as an eBook.

Download the eBook to read in iBooks. | Download a PDF version.

  • A front cover in the style of The Extreme Adventure Series
  • A minimum of four chapters
  • An orientation
  • A number of complications and resolutions
  • Correct use of apostrophes of possession and contraction
  • A number of characters
  • Clear dialogue written in the correct style
  • Some examples of similes and metaphors
  • An interesting conclusion
  • Accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation

Part B: Create a Book Trailer to introduce and promote your book.

  • Explore and analyse a range of book trailers. Access these via QR Codes applied to book covers.
  • Discuss purposes, audiences and effectiveness.

Consider these questions when making your book trailer:

  • Does it encourage others to read the book?
  • Is it a movie, still images or a combination of both?
  • What do the images tell you about the book?
  • What effects do the images create e.g. mood or atmosphere?
  • What words are shown on the screen?
  • What is the pace of the trailer? Does it move slowly or quickly? Does the pace change? Does it hold your interest?
  • What is the main focus of the trailer?

Elements of ICT Capability

Creating with ICT

Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Identify the impacts of ICT in society
    • Use QR Codes applied to book covers to access example book trailers.
  • Generate ideas, plans and processes
    • Use Notes on the iPad to plan the narrative sequence.
    • Use a storyboard to plan the book trailer sequence.
  • Generate solutions to challenges and learning tasks
    • Create and combine video scenes and sound for the book trailer, using iMovie.
    • Use a storyboard to plan the book trailer sequence.

Communicating with ICT

  • Collaborate, share and exchange
    • Share the Extreme Adventure novel by exporting as an ePub file readable in iBooks.
    • Share the book trailer via YouTube.

Managing and operating ICT

  • Select and use hardware and software
  • Make discoveries about the use of iMovie on the iPad. Seek solutions when encountering a problem.

Manage digital data

  • Email the Extreme Adventure novel to themselves and then down load to their network folders,