Using the Overdrive Library

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Setting up Overdrive on your iPad

overdriveStudents at OLD are able to borrow eBooks, audio books, music and videos from the Brisbane Catholic Education [BCE] Overdrive Library.

Students who are members of the Brisbane City Council Library are also able to borrow similar online resources from the Brisbane/Yarra Plenty Download Collection using Overdrive.

Follow these steps to activate the BCE Overdrive Library on your iPad.

  1. Download the Overdrive Library App which is free in the App Store.
  2. Find the Overdrive Library app for Android devicesĀ here.
  3. Open the Overdrive Library app.
  4. O.L.D. students sign up for an Overdrive account by tapping:
    I am under 13 years old. Continue…
  5. In the Overdrive Library App select Add a library.
  6. Search for Brisbane Catholic Education.
  7. Sign into the library using your BCE user name.
  8. Set loan periods by tapping Account and then select Settings. Select default loan options and Save.overdrive_settings
  9. Click the Subject or Collection Menu items and select from the drop-down menus.
    Primary school students are able to borrow from the following collections:
    – New to the Collection
    – Junior Fiction
    – Junior Non-Fiction
    – General Non-Fiction
    – Streaming Video Collection
    – Project Gutenberg
    If a book is beyond the primary school level they will not be able to borrow it. The BCE Overdrive Library serves students from Prep to Year 12.
  10. To borrow – Tap the selected book.
  11. Tap the BORROW button.
  12. Select Download EPUB Book (or Download Play Streaming Video or Download MP3 Audio or what is relevant to your selection).
  13. To locate your borrowed item go to Bookshelf.
  14. To return an item before it’s due date, go to Bookshelf. Tap and hold the item. Tap Return which will appear beneath it after you hold down on the tap.