Report on a Natural Disaster – Year 6 Science

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Investigating with ICT: Level 4

Define and plan information searches
Use a range of ICTs to identify and represent patterns in sets of information and to pose questions to guide searching for, or generating, further information.

Locate, generate and access data and information
Locate, retrieve or generate information using search engines and simple search functions and classify information in meaningful ways.

Year 6 Science

Relevant parts of the Achievement Standard

  • Students explain how natural events cause rapid change to the earth’s surface.
  • They construct multi-modal texts to communicate ideas and findings.

Earth and Space Sciences

  • Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect the Earth’s surface.

Example Task

Year 6 students researched a specific natural disaster and planned and presented a television news report on a fictitious event. They included information on how the event occurred and the effect it had on the people and the environment.

Disaster Report

Success Criteria

  • Outline the causes of the natural disaster in a scientifically accurate manner.
  • Describe the possible effects that the natural disaster may have on people and the environment.
  • Accurately list the characteristics of the natural disaster.
  • Use a range of sources to gather information.
  • Compile a news broadcast that conveyed information in a manner that appealed to the audience using a multi-modal presentation.
  • Contribute to the group task in a manner that ensured the success of the project.
  • Present the information in a confident and clear manner.

Elements of ICT Capability

Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Take action to avoid the common dangers to personal security when using ICT.
    • Students used unidentifiable names in their presentations because the videos are presented in YouTube.
    • Files loaded to YouTube are unlisted.

Identity and impacts of ICT in society

  • Identify the value and role of ICT use at home and school.
    • Students were introduced to the use of YouTube as a means of disseminating ¬†their work within and beyond the school.

Creating with ICT

  • Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
    • Students¬†edited text, images, audio, and video for a group presentation.

Communicating with ICT

  • Collaborate, share and exchange
    • Students collaborated in their research and development of their television news reports.
  • Understand computer mediated communication
    • The news reports were shared across the class via YouTube as a means of teaching other students about the characteristics of each disaster presented.
    • The news reports were shared with families via the Year 6 blog.

Managing and operating ICT

  • Use hardware and software
    • Students made discoveries about and independently operated the video facility of the iPad, iMovie, integrated a microphone, incorporated suitable background audio, used a projected background and sought solutions when encountering a problem.