Great Barrier Reef Quiz – Year 3 Geography

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Investigating with ICT – Level 3

Locate, generate and access data and information
Locate, retrieve or generate information from a range of digital sources.

Year 3 Geography – Places are both similar and different

Geographical Knowledge and Understanding
 The concept of place is developed through examining the major natural [and human] characteristics of Australia.

Example Task

Students developed an interactive online quiz based on facts about The Great Barrier Reef.

  • Students researched information from a selection of given websites.
  • They used Keynote to create the presentation which involved presenting each fact separately and offering 2 alternative responses to the question or statement.
  • They created correct and incorrect response pages and lined to each appropriately.
  • They used supporting images.

Great Barrier Reef Quiz Example


See an example quiz

More Examples (internal school link only)

Managing and operating ICT

Select and use hardware and software 

  • Create slides in Keynote.
  • Use text boxes to type one fact per slide.
  • Select and insert appropriate images from internet sites.
  • Select images for and create create an affirmative and a negative slide to link from each question slide.
  • Create buttons or text boxes as link points.
  • Learn to make internal links from these link points to correct slides using the slide numbering facility.
  • Seek solutions when encountering a problem.
  • Teacher exports the presentation to HTML and loads to the website.