Objects move at different speeds – Year 2 Science

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Creating with ICT: Level 2

Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
Experiment with ICT as a creative tool to generate simple solutions, modifications or data representations for particular audiences or purposes.

[Using the basic functionality of selected software to manipulate text, images, representing data  graphically and editing own work.

Year 2 Science – Physical Science

Content Description: A push or a pull affects how an object moves.

Example Task

Level2_movement_smYear 2 children learnt that motion means movement. When an object is in motion, it is moving, When it is moving it is changing its position. Objects can move at different speeds. The students made movies to demonstrate this.

Objects move at different speeds

More Examples (internal school link only)

Managing and operating ICT

Select and use hardware and software

  • Use Keynote on an iMac
    • Locate and insert clipart images
    • Add animation to objects
    • Set objects to enter and exit a slide.
    • Change the speed of animation.
    • Teacher exports to HTML for loading to web.