Times Table Fun – Year 5 Maths

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Creating with ICT: Level 4

Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
Independently or collaboratively create and modify digital solutions, creative outputs or data representation/transformation for particular audiences and purposes.

[Manipulating and combining images, text, video and sound for presentations; creating podcasts; applying purposeful editing and refining processes.]

Year 5 Mathematics
Content Description- Number and Algebra

  • Identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers

Example Task

multiplication_smYear 5 students worked in small groups to create a song or chant to consolidate their learning of multiplication tables. They presented this in a podcast illustrated with their own images, to create a resource for others to help them also learn these facts.

See an example
 (available to all) More examples (internal school link only)

Success Criteria

  • Multiplication facts are correct.
  • Song or chant is engaging for the identified audience of other students in the school.
  • Images created are relevant and clear.
  • Sound track and images are in sync.

Elements of ICT Capability

Creating with ICT

  • Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
    – Design and create images to represent the multiplication facts presented.

    РCollaboratively create and modify a podcast by manipulating and combining images, text and sound.

Communicating with ICT

  • Collaborate, share and exchange
    – Develop the podcast for students in other classes at OLD as the intended audience who will access it via the OLD School Intranet.

Managing and Operating ICT

  • Use hardware and software
    – Students explored and made discoveries about the independent use of the following applications and then experimented with combining them as required to create the podcast.
    • Photoshop Elements to create images and save images for web publication.
    • iPhoto to manage the images for upload to Garageband.
    • iTunes to assist with sound for the podcast.
    • Garageband to build the podcast.