Creating with ICT

This element involves students in using ICT to generate ideas, plans and processes that clarify a task or steps in order to respond to questions, realise creative intentions and create solutions to challenges and tasks. Students use ICT to generate and manage digital solutions to challenges arising from learning activities or responding to a need or creative intention. In developing and acting with information and communication technology capability, students:

  • generate ideas, plans and processes
  • generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks.

[From The Australian Curriculum]


Being creative is usually understood to involve generating novel ideas; it means using one’s imagination to make connections between ideas and to generate creative products.37

Creativity can be understood in terms of:

  • creating a product or output
  • thinking creatively and imaginatively
  • creating knowledge or knowledge production

[Hague and Payton (2010) Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum, Future Lab, p.26]