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Resources to support the Personal, social and community health strand of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum


safe_schools_hub_bannerSafe Schools Hub
The Safe Schools Hub funded by the Australian Government, is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. It provides a whole-school approach to addressing key elements of the Australian Curriculum general capabilities. It provides activities to work on with classmates and teachers. Plus, there is a Find out about section with answers to many questions about keeping safe and happy at school.

Years F-1

  • Safe Schools: Everyone is involved in making school safe. What is your part?
  • Values: Learn about caring for others.
  • Relationships: Learn about friendship and getting along with others.

Years 2-4

  • Safe Schools: We need to care for each other and get along with people in our school even if they are different from us.
  • Values: Every student has a responsibility to act according to the school values and so behave safely and respectfully in the different areas of the school.
  • Relationships: School and classroom rules help us to learn, to develop caring and respectful relationships and to keep safe.

Years 5-8

  • Safe Schools: Our perceptions about safe schools are often different from others’ due to our different personal experiences.
  • Values: Our values guide our decisions and behaviours, especially with regard to the way we interact with each other in both our social and learning relationships.
  • Relationships: Working in teams allows us to meet new friends and share our strengths. We can learn to resolve problems, learn to take risks and practise being a leader.

safety_smartBe Safety Smart

Being Safety Smart is a free  online  educational gaming environment providing safety strategies for school aged children from 6 to 8. The program is designed to increase the awareness of children to situations within the community which might impact upon their personal safety and to empower them with the ability to act appropriately and with confidence.

It is specifically targeted at Year 2 and 3, however can be used with specific teacher support in Year 1.

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How to access at OLD

Let X know when you are ready for your students to use this resource. Teacher and student logins will then be created.

Initially children will have access only to Level 1. Once they complete Level 1 they are rewarded with a certificate on the lounge room wall which can be printed. Subsequent levels become unlocked as previous levels are completed, building on previous knowledge, skills and strategies.

Start by clicking on the photo frame to personalise your character, click save, and then click on the map to access levels. Once a level is completed you can display the child’s awards by clicking on the wall handing or parent/carer sheets on the bookshelf. You can leave the game at any point and your progress and character will be saved.

morecome_safety_curricDaniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum
[Scootle login required – search for Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum]

The interactive activities in this collection do not seem to be able to be accessed individually by students but can be used via the teachers’ Scootle access on an IWB.

The Department of Education, Training and Employment has worked in partnership with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to produce the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum.  The Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students in Queensland. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cybersafety and telephone safety. The lesson content aims to develop student knowledge and skills to recognise, react and report when they are unsafe.