Using the Brisbane City Council Library

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Our Visit to the Mitchelton Public Library

library_visit_smYear 5 visited our local branch of the Brisbane City Council Library at Mitchelton. To prepare for this visit, those who were not already members of the library took their parents along to help them join. On the day of the visit we set off on the short walk to the library with our library cars and iPads.

We are very grateful to the library staff who showed us how to connect to the library WiFi and search in many places for both fiction and non-fiction books, images, music and information in many forms from many sources.  We practised using some of these facilities to search for a range stories and information. We now have many more places to locate information for our projects and to access books for our enjoyment. We will never run out of books to read. We can borrow hard copy books from the shelves when we visit the library and we can download many different eBook and audio books from the online libraries. One of these is the Overdrive Library which we also use to borrow from the Brisbane Catholic Education Digital Library.

And there’s more…There is a giant iPad in the library! See us with it in our picture.

Important points for this activity

  • Students can join the BCC Library at any branch and this grants access to borrowing items housed in all branches.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must provide their ID so you need one of them with you when you join.
  • When you join you receive a library card with a barcode number and you select a pin number. Both are needed to borrow items.
  • Council libraries provide members with free word processing and internet.

Find more information here.
Go to the Brisbane City Council Library Catalogue.