iPads on Day 1

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When it all Began

iPads_day1_smWe were very, very excited on Wednesday 29 January, 2014 when we returned to school for our first day in Year 5. There was an iPad waiting for each one of us!

We spent time doing some settings and learning quite a few new processes that we will need now we are iPadders.

See a large view of us with our iPads.

Read our comments as we launched into our new learning tool…

  • I like having an iPad here because we are trusted to take care of it.
  • I will have a lot of fun with my iPad thanks Mr Crawford!!!
  • I am really exited to start doing my homework on the iPad.
  • Charge it, use it, for homework, school games, do things on the internet.
  • I’m wondering if we could take our iPad on excursions.
  • This is so EPIC!!!!
  • Me so exited that I got iPad! I will learn sooooo much.
  • I am excited, happy, grateful, nice, awesome, sweet, cool.
  • I am extremely grateful, excited, happy, responsible, jumpy, looking forward.
  • I feel like I am going to explode with happiness and dissbelief. YIPPEE!
  • I like to work with my iPad with my friends.
  • How I feel about having an iPad at school is fun, exited, cool, nice and happy!
  • Having a good time doing work using it sensibly and I can’t wait!
  • What I am thinking about having an iPad is that it will be awesome.
  • Awesomely EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I like iPad because we get our own email address.
  • I think having an iPad is a privilege from the school.
  • Well I love it because they are fun to play with, my iPad Air yay!!!
  • It will be my pleasure to be the first class to have an iPad.
  • I am happy about my iPad I am glad we got the box thing.
  • Hi, Mr Crawford, I am excited about having an iPad.

We did homework on our iPads in Week 1!