The iPad Revolution

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The iPad Revolution


Look! The Kid in the Crest welcomes a shipment of iPads in the Christmas Vacation of 2013-14.  

In February 2014 OLD School launched its 1:1 iPad Revolution with Year 5 students.  This followed an program of research and orientation for the parents of the potential students during 2013. The proposal was initially communicated to parents at a whole-school meeting and favourably received. This was followed with more specific information at a meeting for parents of the target student cohort, specifically Year 4 in 2013 in preparation for Year 5 in 2014. This group was selected because, of the educationally prepared cohorts, they were best placed to gain maximum gain from the financial investment parents were being asked to make. They will carry their iPads through Years 5 and 6.

The following beliefs were presented to parents…

Why a Mobile Device?

  • Students live and communicate in a digital world
  • Portability – Ease of movement in use for learning and transportation to and from school.
  • Puts technology in the hands of every student.
  • Ability to run apps –  low cost, many free, easily downloaded
  • Individual device.
  • Greater collaboration with the home on student learning
  • Responsibility by the student for managing their own device
  • Ability to read eBooks – esp. BCE Overdrive Library
  • Ability to read ePub publications in natural positions & locations
  • Long lasting battery – instant on ability

Why an iPad?

  • iPads are proven to work on the school network. Systems are in place for integrating the iPad technology.
  • Runs the suite of creative apps that match the school’s Mac technology and thus remains interchangeable with it.
  • High quality apps through the Apple App Store are plentiful and school licensing arrangements are available.
  • School staff and students are familiar with this device.
  • Ability to read ePub publications produced locally and at large.
  • Schools and enterprises are rolling them out.
  • Now able to run Flash files through Puffin browser.
  • Web software providers now developing iPad apps for use of their products.

User Agreement

A user agreement was developed between the school, the parents and the students to ensure the appropriate use of the iPad as a learning tool, the role of the school in developing programs of teaching in responsible use and the support of the parents in  these endeavours.

Download the User Agreement.