Launching iPads in 2015

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ipads_2015_05aFollowing the success of the 1:1 iPad program undertaken with Year 5 in 2014, these students and their iPads have moved into Year 6 to continue the adventure. Year 5 2015 has now joined them with the launch of their iPad program on 28 January 2015. Read their thoughts about this journey in this post.


Some Year 5 students in action





What Year 5 students think about their new iPads

When I turn in my homework that I have done on my iPad it won’t be crinkled up.

My feeling about our new iPads is a very exited feeling. I am excited about all the new learning experiences I am going to have and how many things I am going to find out.

iPads are fun and they are easy to use.

I feel that it is easier to use a iPad because your hands don’t get tired.

I am enjoying learning all the new things about iPads. It is amazing.

I am feeling extremely excited to use it for learning and a lot of different stuff.

I will enjoy working with and iPad. I have never had an iPad to take home. I am really looking forward to making a presentation on the iPad it will be different.

I am exited about getting a iPad because it I sometimes get tired writing with a pencil.

I’m excited about getting my iPad because my writing’s messy when I’m writing on paper, I will also enjoy typing because I’m fast at typing!

My feeling about my iPad is that we get to email Mrs McFerren and my friends about school work.

I’m exited to have an iPad because I’m going to do lots of stuff.

I feel excited about using the iPads for our work and learning new stuff.

It will be easy to write and everything.

I am feeling very excited about learning on my iPad and going on the Internet.

I can spell quicker and I have never used a iPad.

It is much easier to type instead of writing with paper and pencil and it is much quicker for writing.

I am feeling very excited about the iPad because I get cool apps and games and I get to work on it.

I am feeling pretty excited to have my own iPad and doing fun things on it.

I Am looking forward to learning because this will make It faster and better. So we can get on with our work and so we can write without our hands hurting.

I think that it would be a lot easier using a iPad for research rather than reading through books for projects.

I think having an iPad is an advantage because it makes writing much different and easier because you can type instead of pencil and paper. I am so exited I can’t state anymore things. I like everything about this iPad

I love about my iPad. I Iove it a lot.