Teaching Stories – Year 2 English

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Communicating with ICT: Level 2

Collaborate, share and exchange
Use purposefully selected ICT tools safely to share and exchange information with appropriate local audiences.

Understand computer mediated communications
Understand that computer mediated communications may be received later by the receiver.

Year 2 English

A number of teaching stories, including Indigenous and Asian myths and legends, were discussed over the course of the unit.  Children created their teaching story narrative to explain how a particular place or feature in the world was formed.  They wrote notes and created images using a planner and rehearsed their story with peers.

Learning Intentions:

  • To explore how authors create teaching stories
  • To use a range of strategies to make class presentations

ICT Task

Children  created their own teaching story on how a particular place was created and presented it as a short muliti-modal presentation including an image created in KidPix and a narration recorded in Voice Memos on an iPad.

Example Task

More examples here
[internal school link only]

English Success Criteria

  • Create a short imaginative text using his/her imagination and experiences.
  • Draw upon his/her knowledge of text features of a narrative.
  • Use language features to create characters and events.
  • Rehearse and deliver a short presentation using appropriate volume, pace, clarity and body language.

Elements of ICT Capability

Applying social & ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Follow class rules about applying selected standard guidelines and techniques to secure digital information.
    • Log onto the computer using their one login details.
    • Name their image file correctly.
    • Save the file to their Documents folder.

Creating with ICT

  • Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks.
    • Use KidPix to create and image to represent their Teaching Story. 

Communicating with ICT

  • Collaborate, share and exchange
    • Students reported their story orally to the class and this was recorded using Voice Memos on an iPad.
    • Each sound file was combined with its KidPix image in Garageband (by the teacher).
    • The resulting podcasts were exported, converted to mp4 files and uploaded to the school intranet for sharing across the school.
  • Understand computer mediated communications
    • The teaching stories were loaded to the school intranet for use by the Year 2 students and accessible to all students and staff at the school at times when relevant to them.
    • One example was uploaded to this blog for sharing universally in the viewer’s own time.

Managing and operating ICT

  • [Select and] use hardware and software
  • Develop skills in using the tools in KidPix to create an image.
  • Take initial steps to cope with the unexpected before asking for help.
    • Understand ICT Systems
    • Understand the different functions of KidPix and Voice Memos and why they were chosen for this project.