Advertising in the Media – Year 6 English

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Creating with ICT: Level 4

Generate ideas, plans and processes
Use ICT effectively to record ideas, represent thinking and plan solutions.

Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
Create and modify simple digital solutions, creative outputs or data representation/transformation for particular purposes.

Year 6 English

In this unit students read, viewed and listened to advertisements in print and digital media. They aimed to  understand how text features and language combine to persuasive effect. They demonstrated their understanding of the persuasive features of advertising texts through written responses to comprehension questions, the creation of their own digital multimodal advertisement and an explanation of their creative choices.

ICT Task

  • Plan a multimodal advertisement persuading viewers to visit a holiday place.
  • Publish the multimodal advertisement, incorporating text, images and audio.

Example Task

More examples here [internal school link only]

Year 6 English: Content Descriptions


  • Expressing and developing ideas
  • Text structure and organisation


  • Creating texts
  • Interacting with others
  • Interpreting, analysing, evaluating
  • Texts in context


  • Creating Literature
  • Responding to Literature

Information and Communication Technologies 

Applying social & ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Recognise intellectual property
    • Recognise copyright restrictions regarding the ownership of music files and select background music for the presentation from websites which provide free sound tracks.
  • Identify the impacts of ICT in society
    • Students recognise the role and potential of advertising on the internet, particularly in the tourist industry.

Investigating with ICT

  • Locate, generate and access data and information
    • Locate factual information about the chosen holiday location using a search engine.
  • Select and evaluate data and information
    • Retrieve and organise information relevant to promoting the holiday location through its features and the opportunities it offers.

Creating with ICT

  • Generate ideas, plans and processes
    • Combine language features and images to persuade viewers to want to holiday in the location.
  • Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
    • Use iMovie to create a movie that presents the ideas through image and sound.
    • Include the text of the movie and a still image to further emphasise them message.
    • Combine the text, movie and image into an appealing Keynote slide.

Managing and operating ICT

  • [Select and] use hardware and software
    • Develop skills in using iMovie to combine still images, music and a self created narration file.
  • Understand ICT Systems
    • Experiment with and manage the use of the available microphone options
    • Export the movie file to the school network on completion.