Digital Footprint – Years 5/6 Cybersafety

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Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT – Level 4

WALT – We Are Learning That…

…when we contribute information online that we have a digital footprint which is permanent.

WILF – What I‘m Looking For…

  • is to know that you will think before you communicate online in any way and in any forum.
  • is for you to recognise that people’s online information can be helpful or harmful to their reputation and image.
  • is for you to consider your own digital footprint and what you want it to look like in the future.

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is the information found online about you. It can be searched, shared and seen by a large, invisible audience. You can have some control over your digital footprint based on what you post in web spaces and send in messages of various types.

Task 1 

Students became producers of a children’s television show who were searching for a new host for the show. After narrowing the shortlist of applicants to a final two, the producers conducted online searches into the background of these hypothetical people. In groups, the students considered the positives and negatives of the information found and made a decision about who would become the new program host. They noted how what was found online influenced this decision.

Task 2

Create your own Digital Footprints

Footprint 1

Use Tagxedo to create a digital footprint from 20 words that are related to the development of a digital footprint. See an example.

  1. Watch this video to learn how to use Tagxedo.tagxedo_sm
  2. Brainstorm words related to digital footprints with your class.
  3. Type 20 of these words into a word processing document and spell check them.
  4. Open Tagxedo
  5. Copy and paste your 20 words into the Load area.
  6. Click the shape menu and select the foot shape.
  7. Close the window and format your word cloud.

Footprint 2
What information would you want to find online about yourself in ten years? Fill in a footprint shape to show this.

Examples Click each image for a large view.

rois_small raoul_sm sophie_sm piper_sm
connor bridget_sm harry_sm sienna

Task 3

What have you learnt about Digital Footprints? Share this by creating a Trading Card using the Trading Cards iPad App.



Click for a large view.


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