Apps for Home

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Loading and Managing Home Apps – For Year 6.

Can I Load Apps on my iPad at Home?

app_folderStudents in Year 6 may load free or paid apps to their iPads at home under the following conditions:

  • Home loaded apps must not be used at school.
  • Home apps must be stored in a folder titled Home.
  • Parental approval and supervision is required for selection and downloading of apps.
  • Home apps are to be appropriate and family focused.
  • Sufficient space must remain available on the iPad for school tasks.

How do I Load Apps at Home?

  • Never connect the iPad to a computer.
  • Never attach a credit card to the iTunes account.
  • Load apps using an iTunes card
  • Each student has an iTunes account. The user name is their BCE email address. Check this on the iPad in Settings > iCloud > Account. The password is communicated separately.

How do I Redeem the Credit on a an iTunes card on my iPad?

  • Open the App Store app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of any main page.
  • Tap the Redeem button.
  • Peel off the silver layer covering the code on the iTunes card.
  • Enter the code either by scanning or manually by typing in the code.
  • Parents will need to control and monitor the downloading of apps.
  • Discuss and establish a process with your child.

How do I Create a Home Folder on the iPad?

  • To create a folder, tap and hold on an app until they all start to wobble.
  • Drag the app icon over another app icon and release.
  • Your iPad will create a folder with both the apps inside. The folder will be named according to the category of the apps it contains.
  • Change the name of the folder by typing Home in the title box.
  • Add further apps to this folder by dragging the onto the folder until they enter it.