Welcome to School Email

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How do I find my email?


Year 5 students are our first users of school email. Others will join in soon. Our Lady of Dolours school email is provided by Brisbane Catholic Education. You access this email in the School Portal on a computer and on your 1:1 iPad in the email app.




 *** School email is used for school tasks only, not for chatting. ***

What are School Tasks?

  • Email your teacher or Mr Davis or other teachers and staff at our school.
  • Email your work to yourself, teachers, parents.
  • Email messages and files to classmates in your work group when you are working on projects together.
  • Email your work to your parents when asked to share.
  • Email people outside the OLD School Community only under teacher supervision.

What are NOT school Tasks?

  • Emailing friends about games, to organise social activities or just to say ‘Hi’.
  • Sending unkind messages to anyone.
  • Replying to an unkind email. Tell your teacher about it.
  • Emailing you parents from school for any reason other than one granted by a teacher. If you have a problem, speak to your teacher, just as you did before you had email.
  • Sending an email to sign up for an online site unless you are asked by your teacher to this, under their supervision, for a learning task.
  • Replying to a message you might receive from an unknown person.

Your email address is your user user name@mybce.catholic.edu.au
e.g. email address for Fred Bloggs: fbloggs@mybce.catholic.edu.au

Your password is your Lexile password.